Jevan Pipitone - Disabled Genius Generalist Intuitive

I am doing now

  1. Tue 7pm-930pm, Improvisational Acting - Impro ACT - Prepare To Be Unprepared - Beginner's Course
  2. Wed 6pm-730pm, ANU Music Society Big Band, Playing jazzy piano
  3. Thu 730pm-9pm, Mixtape Chorus Choir, singing as a baritone/ bass, using music of three parts, two harmony and one melody.
  4. Working on this website

I am interested in doing

  1. Researching on the internet, about conceptual strategies for Longevity / longer lifespans for humans
  2. Management - working as a manager, in an office or indoor location in Canberra Australia, working with another manager at the same level as me
  3. Digital Art - creating on a computer, including 3D creations, me to pay for group tutoring, by attending a group workshop, to learn how to improve myself doing this, and for me to improve and for me to contribute towards the group successes, by doing it in a workshop / class situation, which could end each semester of classes, with a public gallery viewing of everyone's digital art creations. At the moment I cannot find anywhere in Canberra Australia that runs digital art (art made using a computer) workshops. This could also use a graphics tablet, if they have them there on their computers that we use.

Pages on this website

  1. Acting Comedy
  2. Digital Art
  3. Helping People
  4. Ideas
  5. Interests
  6. Management
  7. Mathematical Puzzles with Solutions
  8. Music
  9. Photography
  10. Success Strategy and Ball